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  • neji_'s Avatar
    Today, 08:44 AM
    neji_ replied to a thread [LWIAY] Kill... #1 in [SS]
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  • Banging7Grams's Avatar
    Today, 08:17 AM
    Banging7Grams replied to a thread /Features in Ask a question!
    Because no one in the admin team bothers unless I say something. I have been planning on updating it soon, but have been distracted. Now that you...
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  • neji_'s Avatar
    Today, 08:09 AM
    neji_ replied to a thread Event Weekly Completion in [PP]
    5 clan members- u killed NeXuS and someone from TL 4 times (TL is not even a clan anymore it's just a gang and u can't kill the player twice) and u...
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  • Nibble's Avatar
    Today, 07:56 AM
    Nibble replied to a thread Poppy in Spam
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  • Rayan's Avatar
    Today, 07:33 AM
    Rayan replied to a thread Poppy in Spam
    Didn't even click, she's a hoe.
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  • BillyTalent's Avatar
    Today, 06:55 AM
    I got the 5 clan member kills, inside the spoiler are the evidence and bat kill. I wonder if you wanted me IM_HuLk to...
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  • Niels's Avatar
    Today, 06:16 AM
    Ahh ait I see, cool.
    37 replies | 904 view(s)
  • Nibble's Avatar
    Today, 05:55 AM
    Nibble replied to a thread Poppy in Spam
    what a queen
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  • [TDK]Will_Joh's Avatar
    Today, 05:38 AM
    [TDK]Will_Joh replied to a thread Poppy in Spam
    i was ****ing eating what the **** GET OVER WITH THIS STUPID HOE NIGGLE
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  • Nibble's Avatar
    Today, 05:28 AM
    Nibble started a thread Poppy in Spam
    She has finally broken Will_Joh watch & listen to the whole thing 1 time without skipping if you...
    4 replies | 29 view(s)
  • Cypk's Avatar
    Today, 04:59 AM
    Cypk replied to a thread [LWIAY] Kill... #1 in [SS]
    GL fellas
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  • Meme_Lord's Avatar
    Today, 04:47 AM
    Nah man, come on. Seriously? If it had to be some type of Roleplay shit, I'd rather like to see fishing implemented than this.
    4 replies | 38 view(s)
  • mortality's Avatar
    Today, 04:24 AM
    This idea sounds very unique, rather than any mini-jobs, this beats them all. Shooting a deer and collect the carcasses then sell it which is...
    4 replies | 38 view(s)
  • Panther.'s Avatar
    Today, 04:11 AM
    Panther. replied to a thread Stev in Interviews/Weekly News
    Having been assigned/offered the role of developer, do you think you are sometimes limited and can't/aren't allowed to unleash your full potential,...
    6 replies | 142 view(s)
  • XtreamFlaw's Avatar
    Today, 04:07 AM
    XtreamFlaw replied to a thread Stev in Interviews/Weekly News
    Guys I need questions...
    6 replies | 142 view(s)
  • IM_HuLk's Avatar
    Today, 03:56 AM
    IM_HuLk replied to a thread House On Fire Bug in Bug Reports
    Thanks for reporting, the issue is already reported to Banging7Grams
    2 replies | 22 view(s)
  • Meme_Lord's Avatar
    Today, 03:18 AM
    Meme_Lord replied to a thread jhon in Report A Player
    This doesn't prove anything, plus you weren't in a vehicle. If you don't have a video to back this report up, it's gonna be declared as invalid.
    1 replies | 32 view(s)
  • Nemesis.'s Avatar
    Today, 03:10 AM
    Nemesis. replied to a thread House On Fire Bug in Bug Reports
    It was already reported to B7G yesterday -sorry to post here
    2 replies | 22 view(s)
  • [vT][M]rSnowFox171_'s Avatar
    Today, 03:01 AM
    Bug Description: Basically the house is on fire (you can see it on map when firefighter) but you cant put out the fire Bug Problem: FireFighter How...
    2 replies | 22 view(s)
  • VectorZ_'s Avatar
    Today, 02:42 AM
    VectorZ_ replied to a thread Back in Introductions | Goodbyes
    17 replies | 185 view(s)
  • Nibble's Avatar
    Today, 02:31 AM
    New project in production, stay tuned for a teaser ;) Banging7Grams
    4 replies | 176 view(s)
  • Nibble's Avatar
    Today, 02:27 AM
    Well not really tbh you just have to get into contact with Lorenc for facility locations. Check auction house he has once up for auction right now...
    37 replies | 904 view(s)
  • [PGS]XaVi's Avatar
    Today, 02:26 AM
    [PGS]XaVi replied to a thread Hello in PC Discussion
    I am not really into this. But I'll just tell you things I know about BTC mining. First of all, you gotta know what actually BTC mining is. What...
    7 replies | 135 view(s)
  • VectorZ_'s Avatar
    Today, 02:25 AM
    VectorZ_ started a thread jhon in Report A Player
    In-game Name: VectorZ_ Player you are reporting:john171_ Reason: Ramming with rhino Evidence(s): Witnesses: - ...
    1 replies | 32 view(s)
  • [PGS]XaVi's Avatar
    Today, 02:18 AM
    [PGS]XaVi replied to a thread how to fix in PC Discussion
    What exact error do you get?
    12 replies | 159 view(s)
  • Niels's Avatar
    Today, 02:09 AM
    Ait, is there any thread or post which describes the cost and how that stuff works? I havent kept track of all that stuff for months lol. and uh,...
    37 replies | 904 view(s)
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