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    Administration Manual

    As an administrator, you are expected to help and serve all members of Irresistible Gaming. We have the right to remove your administration status without notification for any reason we deem justified.

    As an administrator, you are responsible for the players that are playing. This means helping to fend off those who break rules.

    Regular players of this community will ask questions they are curious about, they will report players. It is your responsibility to answer them professionally.

    If you are unclear about a certain question, be professional and ask them to clarify. It is mandatory to /respond to reports and check for anything that can be considered rule breaking.

    Make sure to carry some form of evidence in the form of player witnesses or actual media otherwise the player may be unbanned unconditionally.

    You can ask for an Admin Tag on the Forums only if you're Level 1 or above.

    It's advised that you ask for one so you can keep yourself up-to-date with admin rules & the changes made in them.

    • You must achieve a minimum /weeklytime of 7 hours per week.
    • Act mature - don’t be childish to people that are.
    • Be firm, fair and friendly.
    • Never intimidate others with your privileges.
    • Never threaten or exploit players under any circumstance.
    • Do not use your privileges to benefit yourself.
    • Help people by responding to questions and reports actively. Ignoring them will result in an instant-demotion.
    • Do not share accounts under any circumstance.
    • You must dedicate more time towards your admin duties and play less.
    • Do not teleport to players without any administrative related reason.
    • Respect the decisions and actions of higher-level admins.
    • Do not leak information regarding administration and their work.

    If you do not meet the above mentioned expectations, it will result in a removal of your administration level and/or a ban from the community depending on the severity of your actions.

    The punishment list is located on the forums. The administration team should view the thread regularly due to the fact that punishments may need to change, adjusted, removed, or even added.

    Here is the link for the updated version of punishments:

    The role of administration level 1 is to assess a player's ability to administrate. If the Executive admins are impressed by their abilities, then a promotion is made.

    A level 1 should promptly respond to any concerns made by users in a professional fashion. These concerns may be reports or questions, and may extend from this.

    It is absolutely essential that the administrator acts professional, calm and friendly. This helps us grow and makes players feel like they’re in good hands!

    If the administrator fails to pass his trial, the Executive admins may remove his admin level for any reason they deem justified.

    Command / Syntax
    /goto [ID] Teleports you to the player ID you specify.
    /spec [ID] Initiates spectation to the player ID you specify.
    /(un)jail [ID] [SEC] [REASON] Sends a player to the admin jail. Releases a player from jail.
    /awep [ID] Shows the list of weapons the player is holding.
    /asay [MSG] Sends a message to the server.
    /slap [ID] [HEIGHT] Launches a player into the air.
    /a [MSG] Relays a message through all online admins.
    /getstats [ID] Gets a player’s statistics.
    /stopask [ID] / /stopreport[ID] Stops a player from using /report or /ask.
    /setskin [ID] [SKIN ID] Set’s a player’s skin.
    /frules [ID] Forces the command /rules on a player.
    /fpc [ID] Forces the command /pc on a player.
    /pinfo [ID] Shows general player information.
    /warn [ID] [REASON] Warns a player with a given reason. 3 warns results in a kick.
    /spawn [ID] Spawns a player.
    /ans [ID] [ANSWER] Answers a player’s question.
    /alog Displays the administration log.
    /(un)freeze [ID] (Un)Freezes a player.
    /aod Toggles administration mode.
    /respawnalluv Respawns all unoccupied vehicles.
    /reports Displays last 5 reported players.
    /questions Displays last 5 asked questions.
    /respond [ID] Let’s a player know you’re responding to their report.
    /mutelist Displays the muted player list.
    /aka [ID] Displays a list of previously used names of that player.
    /arepair It repairs an admin spawned vehicle, you have to be in it.

    The role of administration level 2 is to extend an admin’s ability to help players and in prepare them for future advancements if necessary.

    Administration duties from level one must be consistently carried out throughout every admin level. That is, answering to player's questions and reports.

    Given that access to commands such as /suspend, /kick and /mute are privileged to you, you are advised to use these in a evidently justified manner.

    With responsibilities like this that you are given, you are expected to keep the same attitude as always. Firm, fair and friendly. Otherwise, we will strive to find someone that will.

    Command / Syntax Description
    /kick [ID] [REASON] Kicks a player from the server with a specified reason.
    /vdestroy [VID] Destroys a vehicle with vehicle ID (cannot be owned vehicles/do not use on server vehicles).
    /(un)mute [ID] [SEC] [REASON] Mutes a player for X amount of seconds with a given reason. Unmutes a player.
    /explode [ID] (DISTANCE) Explodes a player, can specify distance (if in vehicle).
    /vrespawn [VID] Respawns a vehicle with vehicle ID.
    /arenas Displays a list of arenas that a player may teleport to.
    /suspend [ID] [HRS] [DAYS] [REASON] Suspends a player for X amount of hours, days with a given reason.
    /slay [ID] Instantly kills a player.
    /viewnotes [ID] Checks the added notes on a player ID
    /smlog [ID] Displays a list of the player's last 10 transactions.
    /iclog [ID] Displays a list of the player's last 10 IC transactions.

    The role of administration level 3 is to broaden an admin’s options when it comes to the punishment of rule breakers, particularly that of banning.

    It is absolutely essential that an admin has some agreeable evidence when it comes to punishing a player otherwise it may be deemed abuse.

    For example, banning for aimbot requires evidence even if it looks evidently clear in your eyes.

    Why do we do this? It is so that bans are justified and are free of any bias and/or personal opinion.

    Command / Syntax Description
    /ban [ID] [REASON] Bans a player from the server with a given reason.
    /bring [ID] Teleports a player to your location.
    /clearchat Clears the main chat.
    /(ann)ounce [MSG] Announces a message in the middle of the screen.
    /Chatban [ID] [REASON] Bans player from using GLOBAL CHAT ( Mostly for LQMS )
    /giveweapon [ID] [WID] [AMMO] Gives a selected weapon to a player with X amount of ammo.
    /vadminpark Parks a player owned vehicle.
    /(vc)reate [VNAME] Creates a vehicle (not buyable).
    /healall Heals all players in the server.
    /getip [ID] Grabs the IP of the player.
    /vadminstats Shows you the vehicle name, price and who owned the vehicle (player owned vehicle).
    /pingimmune [ID] Gives a player immunity to the ping kicker.
    /vbring [VID] Teleports a specified vehicle to you.
    /countdown [SECS] Creates a global countdown for players.
    /vgoto [VID] Teleports an admin to the specified vehicle ID.
    /hgoto [HID] Teleports an admin to the specified house ID.
    /copwarn [ID] [REASON] Gives the player a copwarn. 3 warns is a copban.
    /rcopwarn [ID] Remove a cop warn from the player.
    /armywarn [ID] [REASON] Gives the player an armywarn. 3 warns is an armyban.
    /rarmywarn [ID] Remove an army warn from the player.
    /resetwep [ID] Resets a specified players weapons.
    /aheal [ID] Heals the player you specify.
    /vforce [ID] Force a player to enter specific vehicle
    /geolocate [ID] Shows player's ip and location (Ex: "Egypt", "Canada"..)

    Administration level 4 does not change from level 3, except you fundamentally help increase the fun by creating events.

    An event may be made at any time of the day, but do not do it too frequently as players may leave. Reserve lengthy events for the weekend mainly.

    If you make an event yourself, it is out of your pocket money unless an event host gives you money from the event bank.

    Command / Syntax Description
    /circleall [SECONDS] [ALLOW COPS 0/1] [REMOVE ARMOUR 0/1] Circles all the players around the admin for X time. Mostly used for events.
    /setinterior [ID] [INTERIOR ID] Sets a players interior to X interior. The default interior is 0.
    /resetwepall Resets everybody weapons in the server. Mostly used for events.
    /motd [MSG] Sets the message of the day at the bottom of the screen.
    /uncopban [ID] Uncopbans a specified player.
    /unarmyban [ID] Unarmybans a specified player.
    /setworld [ID] [WORLD ID] Sets a players world to X world. The default world is 0.
    /destroyallav Destroys all admin spawned vehicles.
    /gotopos [X] [Y] [Z] Teleports you to a specific place, need to define X Y Z coordinates.
    /addnote [ID] [NOTE] Adds a note to the player ID you specify.
    /removenote [ID] Removes the note ID you specify.

    Admin Level 5 duties & commands are not made public. If a Level 5+ admin requires some information, he may check out the following threads:

    The Council Manual

    Admins may face the following issues or may require the following information, every admin is advised to view this section regularly as it may change from time to time.

    If you think anything is missing, send us a private message.

    Topics Additional Information
    Being Professional and Trolling related
    • Admins are role model of the server. Do not be rude, insult, disrespect or say racist things in /w /deathmsg /ans or main chat, and any other form of communication options in-game that other users can see.
    • Admins are allowed to joke around with friends, but if they report you, then you might get demoted, so proceed with caution. If any joke you make is rude in a general way that could effect other, then that will expose you to the risk of having anyone report you, and request a demotion.
    • No more trolling with visible admin commands e;g /asay , /ban , /kick /mute Not even as a joke nor with your friend, doing so will get you demoted.
    English only in /a and in all punishments (/mute /kick /ban /warn).
    • As a admin you can talk in any language when its not in /a or a punishment.
    • Admins are allowed to speak in any language when using /answer, so that we can better explain things to players in their native languages.
    Responding to Reports while being wanted
    • You can feel free to respond/spec players while wanted. You must respond to questions/reports regardless of your wanted level.
    • Coordinate with the admin team to see if someone else is available/in a better position to handle the report.
    • Make sure no one is around you trying to interact with you or chase you in anyway. Best to be in a safe location before doing this.
    • Don't forget to use /respond [reporter's ID] before spectating the reported player.
    • If you cant respond quickly, than notify/message the player using /answer that you will respond shortly.
    Regarding CAC FORCE
    • LVLs 1 to 4 can only CACforce for aimbot with evidence.
    • Council members can force users with consensus based on any type of suspicion that they are avoiding CAC, hacking or evading blacklist.
    • Consensus means a majority of the council team has agreed to force a specific player.
    • When a user appeals their AC force, the council team must vote based on the evidence provided if they should remain forced, or be unforced.
    • Council can force users for a week minimum, or up to 1 month. If a player is constantly getting forced, than council can consider a permanent force.
    • If a user spams ac with 4 lines or more, and is spectated, they will be permanent forced. Make sure they did not trigger a checkpoint bug, and if its blatant hacks you can ban.
    Banning players on behalf of level 1-2 admins
    • If a Level 1-2 admin asks you to ban a player, make sure to check yourself, or ask for evidence if you dont trust that admin.
    • If an admin bans a player on behalf of a level 1-2 admin, and the suspect is proven innocent, both might face demotion.
    Ban Evasion
    • We no longer ban players for ban evasion, unless they are blacklisted.
    • Banning for ban evasion/blacklisted by using /check as evidence is invalid and not enough, /check is just a way to see real quick if the player might be related, but its very inaccurate and has nothing to do with the computers ID number/address as people assume.
    • Level 1-4 are not allowed to ban players for being blacklisted without executive permission.
    • Using IP as evidence is no longer valid, unless its an identical match without removing any of the digits in their IP.
    Banning for Advertising
    • Having a casual conversation about another server is permissible, but not in mainchat if the name is mentioned/ip.
    • Banning for Advertising, is only valid when the player shares the IP/name of the server or asks another player to join it randomly in a soliciting type of way.
    • It all depends on how the player is talking about the server. You basically have to see intent to promote/publicize/advertise another server by the way they talk in pms.
    Respawning all un-occupied vehicles
    • If you're a level 1 admin and you're asked to respawn all the unoccupied vehicles, then you must ask a higher level admin to announce "Respawning all unoccupied vehicles at x.x time".
    • If there is no higher level admin online, you can use /asay (accessible by level 1 admins) thrice. Make sure everyone gets the warning.
    • Do not use /respawnalluv without warning the players about it, clearly.
    How to Army Warn for Spamming Rockets
    • If an Army-class player is found spamming rockets in an area with no players around - you must not warn him.
    • You may only army-warn the player for damaging innocent players/Team attacking, or effecting their gameplay when no wanted players are around.
    Using /aspawn
    • If a player asks you to spawn him, you must spectate him and see if he needs a spawn or not.
    • If a player is stuck, you may use /slap [id] [height] and help him instead of using /aspawn.
    • If a player is desynced, spawning him won't help. Ask him to relog instead.
    • If your playing the game, and your spawn location is set to sf (or any other city), and then you use /h or city hall to change it, and do /aspawn to avoid death, than that is abuse and you can get demoted for it.
    • Always /aspawn yourself if your taking /aod off after roaming around with /aod on (unless you spectate).
    • You are not required to use /aspawn after spectating,
    Using /setskin
    • This command is only allowed for events.
    • If you caught doing /setskin to a player/admin or to yourself in a normal world, then you'll get demoted for abusing admin command(s).
    • Do not /setskin a player just because he asked for it. If one ever asks, tell them to redeem a VIP package and use /vipskin instead.
    • Make sure an admin spawns himself after using /setskin.
    Going AFK while being an Administrator
    • If you're an admin, you can go away (without pausing) for maximum 3 minutes (180 seconds).
    • You can go away by pausing for as long as you want. Because it won't add-up in your /weeklytime.
    • If an admin is away (and not paused) for more than 5 minutes, you may report them to a Level 6.
    • If you go away without pausing, you will get demoted for Farming Weeklytime.
    Gang Colors & Warns for Attacking Innocents
    • We do not force gang leaders to change their gang colors anymore if they are similar (not a 100% match) BUT you may force the gang leader to change his gang color IF it exactly matches with one of the colors in /pc.
    • If the innocent player's gang color is an exact match with the wanted or other colors in /pc - then you may remove the cop/army warn only IF the player has score <500.
    • Do not remove the cop/army warn if the player has over 500 score.
    • If he repeatedly shoots the guy with the gang color similar to a wanted criminal, then you may act and warn/jail him but make sure you give them a verbal warning first.
    Server's ANTI-CHEAT
    • Don't fully trust the AC if it detects a player of something including SILENT AIMBOT, because it's only a tool to help you administrate better.
    • For any Auto-cbug/rapidfire/weapon hacks/fly hacks/airbraking, you will have to spectate the player as well as provide /pinfo and /awep (if weapon hacks).
    • Don't ban straight away, you may spectate the player first and make sure there's no bug. If there's more than 6+ lines of aimbot spam of player then you may ban him, /PINFO is required.
    • Do not mistake command scripts/binds to fit into the rule of hacking.
    • If you punish someone for COMMAND SCRIPTS/BINDS it will be considered as ABUSE and you are prone to be demoted.
    • "Command scripts" meaning scripts that send in game commands to make it "easier" for people to play.
    • Auto switching weapons script is not allowed.
    Overriding admin's decisions
    • No admin can override other admins decisions without their consent (except 5+). Just inform that admin of their mistake (if you want), and if they fail to correct it, or you think an admin is abusing/not doing their job properly, then just report to council so executives can deal with it.
    Going AOD ( Admin on Duty )
    • You can roam around with AOD, but not if you are wanted, as you are avoiding arrest!
    • Admins with a hit at or above $500,000 are not allowed to go AOD, unless you're going to deal with a report, because no one else is doing so/there to do it within a timely manner.
    • /AOD in the casinos is fine, but not if you are wanted, as you are avoiding arrest!
    • Killing other players while being AOD is strictly forbidden.
    • You must jail yourself for 500 seconds to avoid demotion, but if you repeatedly kill players while being AOD, the executives may demote you.
    • Killing players while being AOD is allowed only in events
    • If you've mistakenly damaged a player or robbed/tied/raped/detained or used any other command on him that may disrupt his game-play in anyway, you must jail yourself in that situation as-well.
    Banning/Kicking a USER
    • You cannot ban a user with evidence that is not gathered on any irresistible gaming platform/property.
    • You can ask players in appeals if they want to provide their game folder, but its not mandatory and they have the right to refuse and not comply.
    • Only if a user provides third party evidence showing their GTASA folder exposing hacks, then you can deny/ban the user with that evidence.
    • You cannot ban a user with chat logs that show a user admitting to using hacks (AC force is applicable with council consensus).
    • You cant use third party or in-game chat logs of a user admitting to using hacks to ban them.
    • This does not apply if a user is banned, and admits to using hacks in-game in their appeal.
    • Advertising hacks is not allowed, and will lead to a ban.
    • If a player gets Aimbot(1) detected upon connecting, check to make sure they log in before banning. ( CAC )
    • If a player gets CLEO detected kick the user until he removes CLEO. ( CAC )
    Do not force users to give you information (mostly related to unban appeals, but in-game also).
    • Do not threaten or demand users to give you information in-game or in a unban appeal.
    • You may ask users for information, but do not threaten to deny them or take action against them if they don't comply.
    • When you ban a user your job is to provide evidence if they don't admit to their ban reason only. Everything else is unnecessary.
    • No information a player gives you can be trusted, and will not be recognized as legit Intel.
    • All bans/decisions made should be based on evidence that you gathered, and not what some random player told you with a gun pointed to their head (that's a metaphor).
    Punishing for Bug Abuse
    • If you see somebody bug abusing, make sure he has been warned by the admin before banning.
    • If a player did not get warned, warn him before taking action (especially for newer accounts).
    Admins are not allowed to use VPN
    • Do not use VPN if you are admin level 1-4, you might get demoted for an assumption of sharing account.
    • Admins are allowed to use it on their alternate account if they want to hide their identity but not on their main account.

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    Administration Manual has been updated - As of 12/04/2019
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