(+) Adds more police skins for public use.
(+) Platinum V.I.P players can now select a second VIP job.
(/) Fireman and paramedic are now treated as civilian classes and are now a minijob.
(/) The rapist and prositute jobs have been replaced by mugger as they were useless.
(/) Gang vehicle limit has been increased to a limit of 5 with a spawn cooldown of 3 minutes.
(/) If you are inactive for 7 days, the stock market will automatically place a sell order for you.
(/) More hardpoint turfs have been introduced and rotate in order by number (shown on the map).
(/) Passive mode players cannot pick up dropped items.
(*) Orbital cannon is now capable of killing players on a hill.
(*) Fixed an issue with the race system not being able to select a new leader.