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    Event voting system

    Third time to suggest this, but lets try again.

    Ive suggested this before, gonna suggest it again.

    Well, this system is gonna be hard, but its useful and more fair for players. It'll also give VIP players some advantage.

    Event Voting System
    /startvote level 4 command to let players votes. Admins should announce (Use /eventvote to choose the event you want)

    /eventlist shows the current available events for the players.

    /eventvote [DM, ATP, Derby, ATC, ATPDM, LMS, ATR, ATS, ATH, HNS] (Ive pobably forgot some) to vote.

    /stopvotes (level 4+ command to stop players from voting, a result of how many votes have been voted and which event got the highest votes should be shown to admins). If a Platinum V.I.P (bronze) player votes his vote counts as 5 votes, if a Diamond V.I.P (gold) player votes his vote counts as 10 votes. Should be used 2 minutes after the admin announces to vote. However, when an admin uses this command votes should be reseted for another event and no one should be able to use /eventvote until another admin uses /startvote. Every player should be able vote once.

    /removeeventtemp [EVENT_NAME] level 4 command to remove an event temporary from being voted (should be removed only if an admin hosted the event earlier).

    /reseteventsvotes a level 4 command to make every event that is removed via /removeeventtemp voteable again. (Should be used after an admin finishes doing some events.)

    /addevent level 5 command to add a new event name to the event list.

    /removeevent level 5 command to remove an event from the event list

    Admins shouldn't be able to use /startvote again before 10mins from being last used. Every admin level should be able to see the votes.
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    Is under development/has been developed.
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    Stev is already working on event voting system but I like the way you organised everything.

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