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Thread: eS application

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    Wink eS application

    In-game name: BillyTalent
    Autobiography: I use the pseudo BillyTalent because it's my favorite band, I'm a really active player; I think I have always seven hours or more on /weeklytime each week. I enjoy playing on this server as a dirty mechanic because I can dog fight army and just repair it once they strike me a fatal blow; After jacking vehicles I kill people. I don't like doing weak or dumb remarks such as noob, ez or kid if I get owned in game, I try to keep it clever or pun-ish. I am totally bilingual, I know spanish and english, I don't stutter in both of these. As you can tell my favorite music genre is rock mostly, there's more on my profile. My dm skills are average, I'm not terrible I think. Cypk messaged me in game to make this application and well here I am; The reason why I've been playing on this server and not joining any is because I used to be in a gang but it disbanded and is dead now, it was the [cK] contact killers. I look like the motorcycle guy from Hotline Miami since he's part of a violent game and this one is too, just to add flavor to my in-game identity.I have not beaten 100% story mode because of bugs that always keep getting in the way. I used to live in Canada, Ontario for a long time as a child and then moved back into Colombia a few years ago, I'm 17.

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    accepted, good biography.
    If you are from Balkan and wish to donate and help the server, check my Donation Service thread.



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