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    Video Competition

    We have listened to your feedback, and decided to purpose making a tournament where content creators make videos, and we will have the community vote on the best video, which will be added to our official youtube channel.

    Other users who make good videos, can have their video added to our youtube channel, but it will be up to Lorenc.

    The video needs to advertise/explain our server and its features. I dont want to limit people to one thing, because maybe you have a better idea.

    For example a Meme video could be where more attractive, but just make sure it attracts/advertises our server. If we get alot of meme videos, and feature related videos, than we will have two different awards/categories for people to choose from. Meaning we will have multiple winners from different categories, depending on what type of video you make.

    Post any content you make in this section, and not in this thread.

    We will give the community till the end of the year to create content, before we close off this tournament.

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    Yeah guys the meme/funny videos can do the trick because it's very amusing and you can do features of the server in a unique way

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    Highly doubt that players will make their own trailers to compete. They cbf doing that.

    Moreover, in order to make an interesting trailer, you need to capture moments from different angles which only an administrator (and s0b users) can do.

    In theory, this is good, but as I've said, I doubt they will produce one. Nonetheless, good luck to those who plan to cobtribute.


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    Solid shit coming soon.



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