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    Skype With Hulk Episode 26 (DoomKiller)


    The Original Gangsta' Interview

    What is your name?

    Donna Goudeau

    IG name?


    Why you changed your name from Doomkiller to Doomyy?

    Seems to obvious that im a dangerious person, especially since people are already crying when they see me, so I figured to go with a more friendly looking name. bradyy aka my sidekick in crime helped me with the idea of just adding "yy" to doom and it looked pretty good, and we made a "yy" twinyy gang, 6 letters with "yy" in the end, because all members must embrace the dark side #666

    People usually say that " doom is hacker " ? What are your views about that ?

    Im not surprised, because everyone knows im the one and only orginal gangster of the server. People shit their pants when they see me and call hacks instantly, because they know I run the show.

    You were council afaik ?

    Yeah, I used to be council but I was too gangster for that shit.

    So you were Executive admin ? What happened or what were the reasons of demotion?

    I got demoted because Lorenc knows im the biggest gangster out here. Keeping it OG since 2011. After being here for this long he knew I had the balls for the job, but my balls are so big that he knows I do whatever I want, so its not surprising he would want to find someone who he feels less afraid of, because I been running these streets since 2011 doing whatever I want.

    Is it true that you used hacks in server ?

    I wouldnt be the original gangster if I didnt. I do what I want, and im still here. People out here be still mad about it thinking I have hacks. They dont realize I hacked just for show, so I can let these nigas know im the Boss, and my balls are the biggest in town. Holding it down since 2011 nigas.

    Were you ever got caught breaking some rules ?

    You cant be known as OG if you didnt get caught by the 5.0, but them charges dont stick, because my balls are just too big.

    Who promoted you to executive and why ?

    Lorenc promoted me to executive. Probably, because he knew I was the smartest niga out here for the job, but like I said earlier, its hard to trust people who have balls and are smart.

    How was your time as an executive ? share some stories during that time?

    Yeah, I gotta keep that shit classified, only my crew can know what I do, because them haters still after me. They still mad my balls are the biggest, I do what I want, and I dont even need to use my own money for bail, because I run this shit boiiiii.

    Why did you joined VT ?

    ah VT, it's an interesting place. The story starts off with Stoneage, Meltdown, Alcoholic and Avenger contacting me at first when they were new for unbans and admin related queries, like to be an admin, how to join pX (best clan ever) and better DM tricks. I helped them out because we had that natural connection of the dark side, talked to them on skype calls and just becoming good with other people who are gangster like m. When they left and started their own clan VT the first time it made me sad, I did not want to fight them since I have a hard time killing people who are part of the dark side, but more loyal towards pX. These guys gave me the joy I had back in 2011, 2012 and I just wanted to be close to them so after 2 years or more I finally and officially joined VT after being free from pX since I have to admit, the time for pX ended in SAMP, it moved on to other places all the good players are scattered right now in the server or joined other games or moved on with life so it's like a new pX to me here, because its the darkest clan in the server, full of OG members

    What are your views about PX ? Like it was top clan but when it was re created , it failed to survive ?

    pX, is elite. The reason it did not survive was because I refuse to accept people who arent up to standerd aka part of the dark side. I had thought the ex-pX members will join back since it's the place they were made into what they are now, good dmers, gangster people, gangster admins and well known, but it was shown not to be true since in everyone's mind pX is closed and should not come back, let it stay the legend it is which I can say I might agree to but let me just say, pX had the most activity of the month it was delisted with the 2nd highest gang respect so I do not mind, pX won several clan wars, Clan Cups and proved to others, even with 5 good dmers in pX it was enough to hammer players from the server, because the dark side cant be beaten, so I understand why its gone because its just too OG.

    If you get a chance to be a executive again, what will be your reforms for admin team ?

    I will make sure everyone is treated right like my niga here in this video, and standup for everyones rights, because I know we have many biased admins, and our people of color are looked down upon.

    Suppose banging demotes you for a useless reason, what will be your steps against him ?

    Well, you know im very active and know the rules inside and out, so you know me and my bois are going to be taking everyone down with me, so its all good niga. Thats what I would tell him, and he would totally understand, since we have a close relationship as he is my primary drug supplier, hence the name B7Gs, but I like to keep our relationship a secret, because the haters be watching.

    HAHA that's the most funny way, Well in short banging is your buddy ? Can you define your relation please ?

    Banging7Grams and Me are both very competent people, and he knows how to read my mind,, because he knows the way of these streets, cause all the real OG nigas out here know the way of the dark side #Milk&Cookies, and is also an original gangster who has been holding it down for almost 2years in the executive position. Smart people attract smart people, so in short we have a OG relationship. Pimp squad baby holding it down since 2011

    Some views about banging and gulia relation ?

    Best couple, I already told the guy to call me to the wedding. I had a brief yet awesome conversation with Gulia too, perfect match for each other, I am surprised tho, the pretty one is the good one grams, you take them all away

    What are your views about alcoholic ? Can you define Alco aka mr zeon

    Alcoholic? Let me see, fun guy who is very supportive of me, telling me not to **** up again like grams, he's a very hard working fellow, our friendship is still the same and better like before. He's the guy who works like grams, quietly and works very good and helps out every person. That's what he took from me btw XD. I still remember our 2016 group calls with me,meltdown,stoneage,kidz,shexx,avenger,converse and alco, having fun and joking about how kidz always fall asleep in the call

    People claim that doomy is going to be bankrupt soon ? Is it true?

    Naah, the dark side never goes bankrupt, we always have milk and cookies.

    Some people are planning that they are going to stop mining just to make doomyy bankrupt ? What are your views about that

    I run this place, so yall are going to work, because you know whats gonna happen if you dont. Check the video down below.

    Who do you think your competitor for stocks in VT ?

    No competition, I run this joint

    Yesterday VT bought almost all the companies , Hulk bought Vehicle Dealership and trucking , Doomy bought supa and cluckin ? Is VT GOING TO BE A SEPERATE STOCK COMPANY IN FUTURE?

    VT is going to be the stockmarket itself *wink*

    Have you ever thought of sending some gifts to lorenc from PAKISTAN ?

    Yeah, but digitally transmitted gifts if you know what I mean. Once my opioid business starts booming Lorenc is going to be receiving alot from me if you know what I mean, because any OG can tell you that. first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the woman.

    Suppose you are sending some thing to these people from Pakistan ? What would be the things ?

    Imma send these people curry cuz thats what they need

    Can you rate the whole admin team?

    [vT]Alcoholic171_ 9/10 1 year of keeping it gangster and holding it down P.O.P - Nigas so strong he gets repromoted to council within 24hours of a demotion.

    Queen. -10/10 No comment

    Kova 8/10 surely this guy knows what he does, if you know what i mean

    Chickenwing 9/10 Best chicken dealer in these streets holding it down with them chicken legs daily.

    Denjo 7/10? IDK who this guy is, but he should join the dark side, because YOLO.

    IMHULK. 7/10 Hard working but needs to join the dark side, so that people stop hating.

    [SS]Ante 0/10 Not sure, but send me some money, and Ill be give you a better rating.

    [vT]Converse171 8/10 The godfathers right hand of the P.O.P squad.

    XtreamFlaw 8/10 hard working guy, who goes to church alot, so I cant reall deal with this guy, because I dont mix with the light.

    Maxxyy. huh who this 7/10

    Meme_Lord the memes, only cuz of that 11/10

    Abbott havent seen the level of work since his last demotion, but I got alot of respect for this guy, because I know deep down he is a OG gangster keeping it corrupt since his council days. 10/10

    [TDK]Will_Joh Will, I still say "balas" but ur refusal to that gets u 4/10

    NeXuS The type of guy who we dont fk with, because he is funny so he stays away form toruble . the guys who joke gets the perfect 10/10

    [vT]Doomyy this guy is so OG that I cant even count high enough to put a number on it ?/10

    BillyTalent His name suggests talent but it's not used to it's full potential, either he steps up or joins the dark side. 6.5/10

    AloneGUY Should have joined the dark side 6/10

    [TDK]iHardwell ah, 8/10 CSGO ke liye message nahi kara bhi tak

    Maverick 6/10 he's making mistakes but they are true mistakes, he corrects them and learns from them, but I highly recommend he joins the dark side to avoid getting demoted.

    [TDK]McKiller NA/10, havent seen much of this guy, but with a name like that he better be joing the darkside.

    Albbi 10/10 I love him, I do not care, his effort and work is awesome he is totally a OG gangster, but too bad he aint in my squad. I got respect for the other gangster out here.

    HorizoN NA/10 havent seen him do much work, my opinion will be useless without actually seeing, maybe he should stop playing horizon.

    Nemesis NA/10 new here, we have yet to see what he can show us, but milk and cookies are waiting for you

    VeroX 5/10 I havent seen him much, the only time I do he puts in little effort, but this rating would be better if you start drinking the milk

    [vT][A]VeNGe[R]171 7/10 lol this guy is very cautious in administration, better to drop them balls like me and be efficient like before
    Why kill someone with an ak in 10 seconds, when you can do it in 1 second.

    [vT]Izhan.171. 7/10 a old OG member, who drives our getaway car.

    Some more words for the new players
    Why be so slow to kill people, when you can do it in one second, and why bother aiming at people, when you can just shoot a wall.
    #ImAInnocentByStanderd #MommaILoveYou
    All day
    All night
    I've been thinkin why feelin' wrong feels so right
    And I know
    Yeah I try
    To turn myself around but I know what I like
    I ain't nice
    No I'm quite a dick
    I'm the bad guy who's makin' you sick
    It's easy for me
    I've got no shame
    I'm in it for the money and fame
    Everybody wants to be like me
    The villain is the one that you came to see
    Sick of all the good guys savin' the day
    Cause the villain always wins when the hero's away
    There's days when I wanna give in
    But it's hard to be a saint when you're full of sin
    Why would I ever think of goin' back
    When it feels so ****in' good to be bad
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    OF IT!!!"


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    hahahahaaha nice interview

    Aww skype calls, yeah it was funny with kidz sometime xD

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    Gangster interview
    Joined Irresistible Gaming December 2012

    finit hic deo

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    hnnn shows the middle finger but nvm, awesome!

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    Those fking balls����

    "The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts."-Marcus Aurelius

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    Lolllz niceee

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    Quote Originally Posted by IM_HuLk View Post
    Maxxyy. huh who this 7/10

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    nice interview, keep up the good work

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    This was cringy as **** I must admit XD
    I enjoyed it though.

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