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    Teaming With Wanted

    In-game Name:[VT]Zesornus_171
    Player you are reporting:JOJO/funkyblackcat
    Reason:teaming with andy/ teaming with ss
    Administrators Online:idk
    Date of incident:4day ago/2day ago
    Additional Information (optional):teaming with andy while he was cia

    as u can see in 2nd video at 0:13 at map he was cia and dint even kill madman nor he try to kill sultan,yet he immediately kill me when i get wanted
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    This is teaming in my opinion, he tries to make you get wanted so he can do his job and is clearly ingoring Andy. I can‘t copwarn so i‘ll leave it to a higher level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Banging7Grams
    Warn Army/L.E.O for camping on gang turf to protect it blatantly, or if they are with their clan mates on the same turf, and army/L.E.O is blatantly protecting them/helping them.
    The key word is "blatantly".

    In both videos, it looks like they were teaming, but I can't warn them by assuming they did, because the evidence does not show a teaming without a doubt. In the first video; J0J0 was not killing anybody at all. In the second video; Funky could've talked to somebody or something similar, he was not even moving. Hence, doubt exists and we can't warn because it was not BLATANT.

    When it comes to teaming with wanted, human error has a big potential because everybody has their own opinion on what's considered teaming and what not, and we want to avoid that. Including that punishing an innocent player is a way more harmful than punishing a guilty player because a guilty player will eventually get punished if he does not stop breaking rules while the innocent player will just feel awful for being wrongly warned. That is the reason why we warn for the obvious teaming within a turf.




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