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Thread: [DENIED] Drake

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    [DENIED] Drake

    • Player's Statistic •

    In-game Name: Drake
    Previous Name:Hamza
    Age & Nationality: 17&Netherlands

    • DM Related •

    K/D Ratio:0.32
    Rate your Deathmatch skill:7
    Rate your C-Bug skill from:6
    Rate your Litefoot skill from:7
    What's your favourite weapon:Shawn-off and Desert Eagle
    Would you like to join the clan war team? Sure

    • Player History •

    Have you been banned before? If yes what was the reason (link the unban appeal):No
    Have you been in any clans before? If yes which and why did you leave them: VT

    • Additional information •

    Will you add the [SS] tag to your name? nah
    Why do you want to join Silent Squad? I was already in the clan but as a trial and I know the people who are in the clan
    Will you follow all Silent Squad rules? yeah
    Did anyone from Silent Squad invite you? nah
    Tell the positive and negative things about yourself:
    All Gangs are the same~Drake
    Join irresistble gaming/samp (August 2018)(IG 2015)

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    We are full.

    You are not ready.

    Finis sanctificat media



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