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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    I have played with both systems, the MMB one and the /taze /cuff /ar one. As a wanted player you have to be aware and alerted at all times to evade cops, cias from arresting you. It was better before when you didn't get to spend 500+ prison time just because your 75% luck wasn't on your side. The old system was balanced because it isn't hard to type /taze ID , /cuff ID and /ar ID within 3 seconds between each command. I personally have this opinion because on the last 2 weeks that I've been active i have experienced this too many times, after just purchasing weapons, armor, bobby pins I go and fire at some random cia, get a wanted level and become prone to be arrested, which leads into a game of luck and i don't know how high the failure percentage is but i've gone into a 5 times in a row /bc fail.

    Okay I understand your point that it makes the cop class easier for newbies that join the server and want to have fun, at least if you aren't going to revert the system, make it so that only the cop class can use the MMB system so that we can at least be prepared for a fight after spotting them on the minimap, because it is pointless to be unaware and get stormed by a CIA that just spams the MMB.

    The old system was a game based on skill showoffs, the one who is better at quick typing wins.
    The server does need more players so, for newbies.. they can just spam MMB until they reach 15,000 XP, Later on it
    reverts back to the old /taze /cuff /ar again and more gun show offs could be seen again, won't it be good? or not.. they'll understand that the server is hardcore and they'll be added to the "professionals"..
    because of the new /ar system it's now around 40-50 players and after the Hardpoints it's
    now around 10-30 a day as far as I can see.
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