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    i want to join :)

    i want to join clan plss

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    this guy you should not trust he that he went in ss inactive but he just went to PP there he did the same I will trust him but who knows he has changed

    vorigr name something. with [SS] Rozzi

    this is what sultan she is about him after it: previous app.
    you are not trustworthy, not loyal and the list goes on.
    Neutral show some interest

    what he say

    Bye [PP] im leave this clan enjoy my stay i miss all [PP] GoodBye ^ _ ^

    How long you were In pp

    im come back after 1month because i going to work @IM_HuLk @Eren. @Drake

    So why are you saying that you're leaving, just inform us that you're inactive. We will add you in the inactive members list. @IM_HuLk

    You ganna say i need to work 3 days later you apply for SS or BC or another clan you need to say i go inactive what Unleashed says
    now waiting what Hulk says

    the choice is you do you trust him or not?

    Ps.I'm sorry to post here but you should know this
    @AnteV @Kova @CokoZaba
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    All Gangs are the same~Drake
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