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    What should we do about CLANS/GANGS?

    This is not a suggestion thread, I created this thread just to get opinions/suggestions on what should we do the current clan/gang system.

    The gang system is good but the clans have been useless since the gang feature was added. I'd like your opinions on what you think should be done, so we can suggest it further to Damen/Council team.

    The current gang system really 'kills' clans in my opinion. A gang has everything, means no difference with a clan except a 'clan sub-forum' which is quite useless. I think we should restrict gangs by either putting a limit or paying a X amount to keep the gang saved (like it used to be). This way we'll encourage players to join a good gang, and we'll have more competition on the gang wars.

    Clan Rules should be back, not all ofcourse. (some important ones)
    ex: Making an appeal, instead of adding/removing members at anytime. Or a rule about clan hopping.

    A new Clan War System.
    Clan Competitions/Tournaments (?)
    Cleaning the clan blacklisted players and let everyone have a new chance or lower the amount.

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    - Pay 50 IC to save the gang
    - Slot limit of x amount of members
    - Gang facilities should be limited, such as limited ammo you get when you buy stuff, no gun and no traveling.
    - Acces to limited amount of gang colors

    - Give them a proper HQ again in SF.
    - No slot limit
    - Facilities should have all the functions it has now
    - Able to use custom colors

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    CNR Admin
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    Make that only clans should have gang or with our current player base limit gangs to 3 ,2 of them clans with forum and another one if a player likes to create it this will force new players to join clans and also you need over 10k score to create a gang

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    I saw on couple of svs, they have only X amount of gangs/clans and ever gang has 40-50 slots, 1 leader and 5 co leaders.
    My suggestion would be:
    1- Remove all the useless gangs except the clan gangs.
    2- Let everyone join the official gangs of the server.
    3- Bring back the clan guidelines not every but the important one.
    4- There should be a board on forums for the gangs.
    5- Should be given discord roles of gangs.
    6- Name tag of gang under the heath or money.
    +1 to Edward's suggestion.
    Also there should be a clanwar system.
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