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View Poll Results: What do you want? ***Multiple choices***

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  • Yes, change the production time

    9 75.00%
  • Yes, make one spawn with the business car

    6 50.00%
  • Yes, update/revert fireman/paramedic

    8 66.67%
  • Yes, remove facility spawn tax

    10 83.33%
  • Yes, remove money drops

    8 66.67%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Best suggestions ever

    Multiple choices poll, tick everything you want changed. If you don't tick one it means you voted no.

    1.0. Business System

    1.1. Production time
    Revert the business system back to where you didn't need to be online to get the production time done.
    I'm not promoting inactivity, just pointing out (imo) that this system doesn't bring activity.

    One won't play more just to get his business production done.

    1.2. Business vehicle
    Make it so when you start the export that you spawn within the vehicle.
    Exporting is hard enough with army players spamming rocket behind you. On top there are a lot of bugged locations so players need to wait for a level 3 admin to fix their vehicle.Doing this change will enable them to fix it on their own.

    2.0. Fireman and Paramedic
    Noone is using Fireman job since the payout got cut. Revert it back to the old $5K payout.
    Also disable Fireman notifications unless someone is in a firetruck (perhaps?).

    As for paramedic, they got no use. Maybe add clerks around the map to who they need to go to heal them (similar to fireman job). The payout should be $5K.

    3.0. Remove tax on spawning within facilities
    Gang bank gets taxed every 24 hours so why putting the tax twice?

    4.0. Money drops
    Remove money drops they are pretty annoying (at least imo). Keep only health and weapon drops.
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    Im agree 3.0 and 4.0 suggestion.

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    1.2 is definitely no. How much easier do you want this to be?

    Your poll is biased btw. Though I agree with the rest.

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    Yes, change the production time 4 66.67%
    Yes, make one spawn with the business car 2 33.33%
    Yes, update/revert fireman/paramedic 4 66.67%
    Yes, remove facility spawn tax 5 83.33%
    Yes, remove money drops 4 66.67%
    Multiple Choice Poll.

    All the suggestions had more than 50% positive votes with the exception of 1 . 2

    Can you pls elabore why you are not going to add the first 2 options and why is it biased?

    I'm just trying to undestand why you're asking to make a vote poll if the votes are worthless

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    Agree with all except 1.2.

    1.1 is good because it's a similar mechanic to most mobile games on android and iOS where you'll start some kind of process and have to wait a while in real world time.
    It's better this way as people will feel better about returning to the server to collect on their pay instead of being forced to stay on the server for a while 'on the grind'.

    2.0 is good but shouldn't be high priority as it's a CnR server and I think we need more work focusing on that aspect of gameplay.

    3.0 Less clan tax, the better! We need more people willing to create clans and we need it to be cheaper for them to run. More money for leaders = power to attract more players!

    4.0 Neutral feelings but leaning towards agreed!
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    Yes for all except 1.2

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    No no sure sure sure

    You own coke & bunker businesses that make a shit ton of cash and you don't wanna do anything in order to export?

    Music drives you. It wakes you up, it gets you pumping. And, at the end of the day, the correct tune will chill you down.

    - Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott

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    4.0 And 3.0 Agreed!



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