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    [GUIDE] Boombox System

    Boombox System

    This is a feature allows your to play music in certain area, with ability to listen it with your friends.

    How it works?

    First thing you need to do is buy Boombox from Supa Save or 24/7 store.

    It costs $15,000 and it's removed from your inventory once you leave server.

    After that, you will be able to use next commands:

    - /boombox play [URL] - To play song from a certain link you provided.

    - /boombox stop - To remove and stop the music from a boombox.

    PS: To play next song, just use /boombox play [URL] command again.

    Where to find songs? How to upload them? Where to find links?

    First method:
    There are multiple ways how to do this, one that i use most is simply using website

    First you create your account, then you want to go to "File Manager" ( ), where you can create folders, name them, organize your songs.

    Now after you are on that page, just simply click on "Upload files", choose your song from PC, follow steps, once it's uploaded, go back to "File Manager", click on your song, and on the right side, you can see "Direct Hotlink" which contains direct link to your song, copy it and use it in your boombox.

    Second method:
    If you want to simply use songs from Youtube, you can use next website

    First go to Youtube, find song you want to use, copy link and go to website, paste it and click convert.

    After it gets converted, you will have three options, "Download" "Dropbox" "Convert Next", what you want to do is do a right click on "Download" and then do "Copy Link Address", you will get a link that you can paste and use in boombox. If for some reason, link doesn't work, you can try adding .mp3 to end of it.

    Third method:
    If you maybe want to use some radio, instead of playing just one song each time, you can go to website

    Once there, search and find radio station of your liking, once you found it, simply click on download icon, and it will show you are dropdown menu, in there, you want to right click on "Winamp (.pls)" and then "Copy Link Address", now you have link that you can use in boombox.

    Fourth Method:
    Another simple method to do is, use website

    Simply, once you are there, upload song you want, after it's done uploading, click on "Copy URL", and now you have a link you can use for boombox, but you will need to provide .mp3 at the end of the link for it to work.
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    Very detailed and nice, thanks.



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